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  • Want to stop losing in a game full of cheaters?

    With our software you can start doing that in only a few seconds.


    Humanized Aimbot

    We offer you a fully featured undetected humanized aimbot.

    With the right settings there is nothing that will stop or spot you.


    Fully featured Wallhack

    Our wallhack offers a big amount of features that will cover all your needs with a few clicks.

    You will never miss anything again in the game even if you dont pay full attention.


    Customizable Skin-changer 

    Tired of playing with the same guns and ugly knives all day?

    With a few clicks you have the inventory of your dreams with your own name tags + star trak.



    • 64bit Windows
    • DEP set to default windows value
    • USB (Needs to show up as removable drive/USB in windows)

    Legit aimbot features

    • Aimbot – Automatically aim at players
    • Auto shoot – Automatically shoot when locked onto target
    • Non-Sticky – Make the aimbot not stick when you move the mouse
    • Mouse Control – Allows you to move the mouse while aimbot is aiming
    • Don't shoot until on target – Prevent firing until on target
    • Ignore jumping – Ignore players that are in the air
    • Aim once – Disable aimbot after killing 1 target
    • Auto pistol – Makes pistols fire like automatic weapons
    • Hitbox – Choose which hitbox(s) the aimbot aims at
    • Target selection – Controls how the aimbot targets players
    • Team – Controls which team the aimbot aims at
    • Though smoke – Make aimbot aim through smoke
    • Field of View – Limits the aimbot to only aim if a player is within the set FOV
    • Aimbot speed – Controls the speed the aimbot aims at
    • Aimbot delay – Controls the amount of time before the aimbot starts aiming
    • Aimbot time – Controls the amount of time before the aimbot stops aiming
    • Non-Sticky threshold – Control how sticky aimbot should be with non-sticky
    • Auto-pistol delay – How long the aimbot should wait between shots with pistols
    • Recoil control System/RCS – Controls the recoil for you
    • RCS Aimbot only – Make RCS only control recoil while aimbot is enabled
    • RCS min bullet count – Configure after what amount of bullets fired the RCS should start
    • RCS range – Configure a minimum and maximum range for the RCS to activate
    • RCS smooth – Controls how much smooth should be applied to the RCS system
    • RCS pitch – Configure recoil control on the pitch axis
    • RCS yaw – Configure recoil control on the yaw axis
    • Slow aim – Choose how the aimbot should slow down when aiming towards targets
    • Bezier Curve X – Choose how much the aimbot should curve on the x axis
    • Bezier Curve Y – Choose how much the aimbot should curve on the y axis
    • Noise – Adds random movement to the aimbot

    Rage aimbot features

    • Aimbot – Automatically aim at players
    • No spread – No spread
    • No recoil – No recoil
    • Autowall – Make the rage aimbot aim through walls
    • Silent Aim – Make the rage aimbot silent client side so you can move freely while the rage aimbot aims at players
    • Backtracking – Backtrack players back in time
    • Hitscan – Make the rage aimbot scan for hittable hitboxes
    • Auto Scope – Make the rage aimbot automatically scope when target is hittable
    • AWP At Body – Make the AWP aim at body instead of head before firing
    • Resolver – Tries to resolve anti aims so the rage aimbot have an easier time hitting
    • Multipoint – Scans multiple points on the head hitbox
    • Field of View – Limits the aimbot to only aim if a player is within the set FOV
    • Hitchance – Make aimbot only fire if there's a % chance of hitting
    • Aim Step – Limits how far the rage aimbot aims every tick
    • Height Adjustment – Controls how high or low the aimbot aims when aiming for head
    • Minimum Damage – Make aimbot only fire if a certain amount of damage is ensured
    • Minimum Damage awall – Make aimbot only fire if a certain amount of damage is ensured through walls
    • Anti aim – Makes it harder for other players to hit you
    • Pitch (Down, Up, Fakedown, Twitch, Lisp, Zero, Emotion) – Anti-Aim method on the pitch axis
    • Yaw (Behind, Spin, Fakespin, Twitch, Lisp, Lag Twitch, Jitter, Fake Left, Fake Right, Fake Behind, Fake Forward, Behind Fake Jitter, Fake Jitter, Emilion ) – Anti-Aim method on the yaw axis
    • MM/untrusted safe AA – Makes the AA stay within safe angles for MM AC/untrusted
    • Anti LBY – Try to prevent resolvers from hitting your LBY
    • Antiaim spin speed – Control how fast spin antiaims spins
    • Meme Walk – Glitch player movement
    • Air stuck – Makes you stuck in air
    • Fake lag (Off/On/Adaptive) – Lag for other players
    • Auto-edge – Auto turns to put head behind wall/box
    • Thirdperson AA fix – Makes antiaim visible in thirdperson
    • Tick Correction (Off/Interp only/Latency only/Both) – Change how the rage aimbot corrects for ticks
    • Playerlist – Specific settings per player
    • Priority – Change the player priority when aiming
    • Pitch – Resolve their pitch to defined value
    • Yaw – Resolve their yaw to defined value
    • Height – Adjust aiming height on hitbox
    • Resolve method – Adjust their method of being resolved

    Triggerbot features

    • Triggerbot – Automatically shoots at players when they’re in your crosshair
    • Hitbox – Select what hitboxes the triggerbot fires on
    • Triggeraim – Make the triggerbot aim when on target
    • Triggerwall – Makes the triggerbot shoot through penetrable walls
    • Through smoke – Makes the triggerbot shoot through smokes
    • Shoot unscoped – Makes the triggerbot shoot when unscoped with snipers
    • Hit Chance – Calculates how much of a chance there is of hitting, and if it is above the set value it shoots
    • Fire Delay – Choose how long the triggerbot should wait before firing
    • Overburst – Controls how much extra the triggerbot shoots after firing at a player

    Visual features

    • ESP – Draw information on screen a player normally wouldn’t know
    • Radar – Draw a cheat radar that shows location of players, items, and C4
    • No flash – Control how much a flash blinds you
    • Crosshair – Draws a crosshair on screen, can show recoil/sniper/always
    • Crosshair only when firing – Make the crosshair only draw when firing
    • No visual recoil – Eliminates visual recoil client side
    • Box – Draw a box around players.(2D Corner, 2D Full, 3D)
    • Box fill – Fill the box around players with color
    • Layout – Controls where to draw ESP information at according to player (Right, Left, Above, Below, or Split)
    • Team – Only draw ESP on certain teams
    • Name – Draw player names
    • Weapon – Draw player weapons
    • Distance – Draw distance to players
    • Health – Draw player’s health
    • Armour – Draw player's armour
    • Skeleton – Draw player’s skeleton
    • Barrel/aim – Draw a line showing where players aim
    • Rank – Draw player's ranks
    • Visible only – Draw only on visible players
    • Though smoke – Draw on people in/behind smokes
    • Defusing bomb – Highlight defusing players
    • Hitboxes – Draw player's hitboxes
    • Items – Draw ESP on items
    • Steps – Draw Steps on the ground
    • C4/DEFKIT – Draw ESP on C4/DEFKIT
    • Glow – Make the edge of player models glow
    • Chams – Make player models a solid color, like a chameleon
    • Chams style – Control how the chams will look like. (Textured, Silhouette, Flat, Thermal)
    • Wallhack – Make player models draw through walls
    • Wireframe models – Make player models wireframe
    • Asus walls – Make walls see through
    • Night mode – Make walls a dark magenta
    • White walls – Make walls white
    • No sky – Disable the sky/make sky black
    • Disco mode – Make walls fade between colors in a rainbow pattern

    Misc features

    • Chatbox – Chat with other members while ingame
    • Statistics – See your cheat statistics
    • Server browser – See what servers other players are playing on (if they have sharing enabled)
    • Bunnyhop – Automatically jump when onground if holding jump key
    • Auto strafer – Optimized/TAS strafes according to how you move your mouse
    • Mouse strafer – Automatically strafe according to how you move your mouse
    • Circle strafer – Automatically strafe in circles
    • Auto surf – Automatically hold A/D when you're on a surf ramp
    • Auto Stop – Automatically stop moving when the aimbot has locked on to a player
    • Auto Crouch – Automatically crouch when the aimbot has locked on to a player
    • Chat spam – Spam the chat with
    • Thirdperson – Enables thirdperson camera
    • FOV – Change FOV
    • FOV while scoping – Change FOV while scoping
    • Viewmodel FOV – Change the weapon/viewmodel FOV

    Skinchanger features

    • Skin – Change skin/paint kit
    • Wear – Change weapon wear
    • Seed – Change weapon seed
    • Quality – Change weapon "quality"
    • Stattrak – Change how many stattrak kills
    • Name – Change weapon name
    • Knife changer – Change your knife
    • Glove changer – Change your gloves

    Config features

    • Default config – Automatically load your own default config
    • Weapon configs – Create custom config for every weapon
    • Config sharing – Share your configs with users that follow you on the forums
    • Color manager – Change the color of everything in the cheat

    Supported Anti-Cheats

    • VAC
    • Matchmaking
    • FaceIt ** note: we do not currently support the new FaceIt client **
    • SMAC

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