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Rogue Cheats

We offer cheap and reliable cheats for games like Dead by Daylight, Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov, DayZ and many other games. You are tired of losing or getting killed over and over again? Now you found the solution. Join us now and enhance your gameplay experience!
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We are doing a complete rework of our cheats.
  • Want to stop losing in a game full of cheaters?

    With our software you can start doing that in only a few seconds.


    Humanized Aimbot

    We offer you a fully featured undetected humanized aimbot.

    With the right settings there is nothing that will stop or spot you.


    Fully featured Wallhack

    Our wallhack offers a big amount of features that will cover all your needs with a few clicks.

    You will never miss anything again in the game even if you dont pay full attention.


    Customizable Skin-changer 

    Tired of playing with the same guns and ugly knives all day?

    With a few clicks you have the inventory of your dreams with your own name tags + star trak.



    • 64bit Windows
    • DEP set to default windows value
    • USB (Needs to show up as removable drive/USB in windows)

    Legit aimbot features

    • Aimbot – Automatically aim at players
    • Auto shoot – Automatically shoot when locked onto target
    • Non-Sticky – Make the aimbot not stick when you move the mouse
    • Mouse Control – Allows you to move the mouse while aimbot is aiming
    • Don't shoot until on target – Prevent firing until on target
    • Ignore jumping – Ignore players that are in the air
    • Aim once – Disable aimbot after killing 1 target
    • Auto pistol – Makes pistols fire like automatic weapons
    • Hitbox – Choose which hitbox(s) the aimbot aims at
    • Target selection – Controls how the aimbot targets players
    • Team – Controls which team the aimbot aims at
    • Though smoke – Make aimbot aim through smoke
    • Field of View – Limits the aimbot to only aim if a player is within the set FOV
    • Aimbot speed – Controls the speed the aimbot aims at
    • Aimbot delay – Controls the amount of time before the aimbot starts aiming
    • Aimbot time – Controls the amount of time before the aimbot stops aiming
    • Non-Sticky threshold – Control how sticky aimbot should be with non-sticky
    • Auto-pistol delay – How long the aimbot should wait between shots with pistols
    • Recoil control System/RCS – Controls the recoil for you
    • RCS Aimbot only – Make RCS only control recoil while aimbot is enabled
    • RCS min bullet count – Configure after what amount of bullets fired the RCS should start
    • RCS range – Configure a minimum and maximum range for the RCS to activate
    • RCS smooth – Controls how much smooth should be applied to the RCS system
    • RCS pitch – Configure recoil control on the pitch axis
    • RCS yaw – Configure recoil control on the yaw axis
    • Slow aim – Choose how the aimbot should slow down when aiming towards targets
    • Bezier Curve X – Choose how much the aimbot should curve on the x axis
    • Bezier Curve Y – Choose how much the aimbot should curve on the y axis
    • Noise – Adds random movement to the aimbot

    Rage aimbot features

    • Aimbot – Automatically aim at players
    • No spread – No spread
    • No recoil – No recoil
    • Autowall – Make the rage aimbot aim through walls
    • Silent Aim – Make the rage aimbot silent client side so you can move freely while the rage aimbot aims at players
    • Backtracking – Backtrack players back in time
    • Hitscan – Make the rage aimbot scan for hittable hitboxes
    • Auto Scope – Make the rage aimbot automatically scope when target is hittable
    • AWP At Body – Make the AWP aim at body instead of head before firing
    • Resolver – Tries to resolve anti aims so the rage aimbot have an easier time hitting
    • Multipoint – Scans multiple points on the head hitbox
    • Field of View – Limits the aimbot to only aim if a player is within the set FOV
    • Hitchance – Make aimbot only fire if there's a % chance of hitting
    • Aim Step – Limits how far the rage aimbot aims every tick
    • Height Adjustment – Controls how high or low the aimbot aims when aiming for head
    • Minimum Damage – Make aimbot only fire if a certain amount of damage is ensured
    • Minimum Damage awall – Make aimbot only fire if a certain amount of damage is ensured through walls
    • Anti aim – Makes it harder for other players to hit you
    • Pitch (Down, Up, Fakedown, Twitch, Lisp, Zero, Emotion) – Anti-Aim method on the pitch axis
    • Yaw (Behind, Spin, Fakespin, Twitch, Lisp, Lag Twitch, Jitter, Fake Left, Fake Right, Fake Behind, Fake Forward, Behind Fake Jitter, Fake Jitter, Emilion ) – Anti-Aim method on the yaw axis
    • MM/untrusted safe AA – Makes the AA stay within safe angles for MM AC/untrusted
    • Anti LBY – Try to prevent resolvers from hitting your LBY
    • Antiaim spin speed – Control how fast spin antiaims spins
    • Meme Walk – Glitch player movement
    • Air stuck – Makes you stuck in air
    • Fake lag (Off/On/Adaptive) – Lag for other players
    • Auto-edge – Auto turns to put head behind wall/box
    • Thirdperson AA fix – Makes antiaim visible in thirdperson
    • Tick Correction (Off/Interp only/Latency only/Both) – Change how the rage aimbot corrects for ticks
    • Playerlist – Specific settings per player
    • Priority – Change the player priority when aiming
    • Pitch – Resolve their pitch to defined value
    • Yaw – Resolve their yaw to defined value
    • Height – Adjust aiming height on hitbox
    • Resolve method – Adjust their method of being resolved

    Triggerbot features

    • Triggerbot – Automatically shoots at players when they’re in your crosshair
    • Hitbox – Select what hitboxes the triggerbot fires on
    • Triggeraim – Make the triggerbot aim when on target
    • Triggerwall – Makes the triggerbot shoot through penetrable walls
    • Through smoke – Makes the triggerbot shoot through smokes
    • Shoot unscoped – Makes the triggerbot shoot when unscoped with snipers
    • Hit Chance – Calculates how much of a chance there is of hitting, and if it is above the set value it shoots
    • Fire Delay – Choose how long the triggerbot should wait before firing
    • Overburst – Controls how much extra the triggerbot shoots after firing at a player

    Visual features

    • ESP – Draw information on screen a player normally wouldn’t know
    • Radar – Draw a cheat radar that shows location of players, items, and C4
    • No flash – Control how much a flash blinds you
    • Crosshair – Draws a crosshair on screen, can show recoil/sniper/always
    • Crosshair only when firing – Make the crosshair only draw when firing
    • No visual recoil – Eliminates visual recoil client side
    • Box – Draw a box around players.(2D Corner, 2D Full, 3D)
    • Box fill – Fill the box around players with color
    • Layout – Controls where to draw ESP information at according to player (Right, Left, Above, Below, or Split)
    • Team – Only draw ESP on certain teams
    • Name – Draw player names
    • Weapon – Draw player weapons
    • Distance – Draw distance to players
    • Health – Draw player’s health
    • Armour – Draw player's armour
    • Skeleton – Draw player’s skeleton
    • Barrel/aim – Draw a line showing where players aim
    • Rank – Draw player's ranks
    • Visible only – Draw only on visible players
    • Though smoke – Draw on people in/behind smokes
    • Defusing bomb – Highlight defusing players
    • Hitboxes – Draw player's hitboxes
    • Items – Draw ESP on items
    • Steps – Draw Steps on the ground
    • C4/DEFKIT – Draw ESP on C4/DEFKIT
    • Glow – Make the edge of player models glow
    • Chams – Make player models a solid color, like a chameleon
    • Chams style – Control how the chams will look like. (Textured, Silhouette, Flat, Thermal)
    • Wallhack – Make player models draw through walls
    • Wireframe models – Make player models wireframe
    • Asus walls – Make walls see through
    • Night mode – Make walls a dark magenta
    • White walls – Make walls white
    • No sky – Disable the sky/make sky black
    • Disco mode – Make walls fade between colors in a rainbow pattern

    Misc features

    • Chatbox – Chat with other members while ingame
    • Statistics – See your cheat statistics
    • Server browser – See what servers other players are playing on (if they have sharing enabled)
    • Bunnyhop – Automatically jump when onground if holding jump key
    • Auto strafer – Optimized/TAS strafes according to how you move your mouse
    • Mouse strafer – Automatically strafe according to how you move your mouse
    • Circle strafer – Automatically strafe in circles
    • Auto surf – Automatically hold A/D when you're on a surf ramp
    • Auto Stop – Automatically stop moving when the aimbot has locked on to a player
    • Auto Crouch – Automatically crouch when the aimbot has locked on to a player
    • Chat spam – Spam the chat with
    • Thirdperson – Enables thirdperson camera
    • FOV – Change FOV
    • FOV while scoping – Change FOV while scoping
    • Viewmodel FOV – Change the weapon/viewmodel FOV

    Skinchanger features

    • Skin – Change skin/paint kit
    • Wear – Change weapon wear
    • Seed – Change weapon seed
    • Quality – Change weapon "quality"
    • Stattrak – Change how many stattrak kills
    • Name – Change weapon name
    • Knife changer – Change your knife
    • Glove changer – Change your gloves

    Config features

    • Default config – Automatically load your own default config
    • Weapon configs – Create custom config for every weapon
    • Config sharing – Share your configs with users that follow you on the forums
    • Color manager – Change the color of everything in the cheat

    Supported Anti-Cheats

    • VAC
    • Matchmaking
    • FaceIt ** note: we do not currently support the new FaceIt client **
    • SMAC

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