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Rogue Cheats

We offer cheap and reliable cheats for games like Dead by Daylight, Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov, DayZ and many other games. You are tired of losing or getting killed over and over again? Now you found the solution. Join us now and enhance your gameplay experience!
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We are doing a complete rework of our cheats.
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    • No illegal material. This includes warez, cp, leaked information like credit cards, and so on.
    • Don't post other peoples private information.
    • Don't discuss other cheat providers.
    • Don't post pornographic material.
    • English only.
    • Please don't PM staff members for support.
    • Don't advertise.
    • No flaming, racism, or abuse against other members.
    • Don't sell your account.
    • Don't share your account.
    • Don't trade your account.
    • Don't giveaway your account.
    • As indicated above, your account belongs to us, and you only have the right to use it.
    • Don't leak posts from the private section of our forums.

      Forum Rules:

    • Don't grave-dig old threads.
    • Dont post hunt
    • Refrain from spamming.
    • Refrain from double posting and cross-posting.
    • Try to keep threads on topic.


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